How to post pictures on forums from Tinypic.

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How to post pictures on forums from Tinypic.

Post by Rampage x on Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:10 pm

This is how you post picture's on the forum's using Tinypic.


1: Browse the picture you want to post on the forum's.

2: Make sure the file type is : Image.

3: If you want the size of your image bigger pick a bigger option.(Dont pick one if like your size)

4: Click : Upload Now

5: Type in the two word cache. (If you dont know it switch the cache)

6: Copy the : IMG Code for Forums & Messaging Boards (Copy the whole thing).

7: Then go to your forum post and paste it there.

Well, I hope you enjoy this. If you want ill make a guide using Imageshack.
Or ill make a guide showing how to post a video.
Rampage x
Rampage x
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